Major Gifts Ramp-Up Videos

Starting From Scratch Using Major Gifts Ramp-Up (Roy Kramer & Carl Cox)

Central South Carolina Habitat for Humanity's Roy Kramer & Carl Cox had to start major gifts fundraising FROM SCRATCH. Hear how they used Major Gifts Ramp-Up to secure big gifts from brand new donors in a matter of months.

How to Grow From $220,000 to $3,300,000 using Major Gifts Ramp-Up (Sarah Garrett)

When Sarah Garrett starting serving special needs kids she wasn't sure how comfortable it would be to ask for major gifts. Hear Sarah share her 18 month journey using Major Gifts Ramp-Up to make all her dreams come true.

Major Gifts Ramp-Up Made Us Millions…NO FEASIBILITY STUDY (Laura Whitaker)

When Laura Whitaker & Aimee Vance launched Major Gifts Ramp-Up Campaign Laura's annual budget was $120,000. She now oversees a $5,000,000 budget and continues to grow leaps and bound. Hear Laura share her "extra special" experience with Major Gifts Ramp-Up.

How To Find New Millionaire Friends Using Major Gifts Ramp-Up (Steve Jaramillo)

Steve Jaramillo shares how the Major Gifts Ramp-Up Team inspired his nonprofit in Valdosta, GA to engage 100 new millionaire donors on behalf of his nonprofit. He had no idea how many people he actually already knew!

Major Gifts Ramp-Up Model Doubled Our Revenue (Chris Burgin)

Chris Burgin & Aimee Vance use the Major Gifts Ramp-Up Model to double their charity's income. Hear the story of a small nonprofit that went from $280,000 to over $600,000 in revenue in only fourteen months.

I'm Finally Talking to People With Money...Major Gifts Ramp-Up (Matt Wilburn)

Matt Wilburn summarizes his charity's use of the Major Gifts Ramp-Up Model. Matt's commitment to pursue financial capacity-building has provided him new friends who give six-figure gifts. Hear from Matt how the Major Gifts Ramp-Up Model has worked for him and his nonprofit.

Making The Three-Part-Ask Using Major Gifts Ramp-Up (Hall Powell)

Multi-Million Veteran Fundraiser Hall Powell inspires NANOE members to ask major donors to give their BEST GIFT EVER ! Hall says, "Never apologize for boldly asking new friends to invest in something that is greater than themselves."

Working With Your Major Gifts Ramp-Up Counselor (Chris Burgin & Tatiana Baeva)

Hear Tatiana Baeva & Chris Burgin share what it's like to work with a Major Gifts Ramp-Up Counselor. Learn how you can add a veteran fundraiser to your team who will ensure you that you exceed your financial goals.

Major Gifts Ramp-Up Raises $650,000 New Dollars in 8 Months (Carol Young)

Meet Carol Young who went MAJOR GIFTS RAMP-UP ALL THE WAY to secure $400,000 in new cash and commitments in only 8 months.  Carol will complete her multi-million dollar raise within six more months breaking all nonprofit fundraising records in her community.

Watch Jimmy LaRose Walk You Through the Major Gifts Ramp-Up Model

Where there's a dream there's always an answer and for nonprofits that answer is MAJOR GIFTS RAMP-UP! Watch Multi-Million Veteran Fundraiser Jimmy LaRose inspire you to take get the monies your charity needs to accomplish it’s important mission.