Goodwill Industries of Eastern North Carolina presents:


Major Gifts Ramp-Up North Carolina
Live Two-Day Destination Event
Jan 31st-Feb 1st, 2024 | 9am to 4pm
Wilmington, NC

Goodwill Industries of North Carolina, Inc. (GIENC ®) and National Development Institute (NDI) are pleased to invite you to the internationally renowned capacity-building conference Major Gifts Ramp-Up. Over 19,000 charitable executives across four continents have participated in this two-day event raising more $1B using the Major Gifts Ramp-Up Model.

  • Meet the major donors who live and give in your community!
  • Secure your first and next million dolor gift!
  • Major Gifts Fundraising is key to your financial success!
  • Turn your retail customers into major gift donors!
  • Millionaires want to know about your business model!

The success of any tax-exempt organization requires two major components: A Heart for Mission and a Head for Business. We are committed to helping tax-exempt organizations successfully achieve both. Through a series of conferences, we will focus on critical topics and strategies to help you achieve your goals.

January 31 - February 1, we will address capacity-building using the proven “Major Gift Ramp Up” model developed by National Development Institute. For a tax-exempt organization, money is oxygen, and it all starts with developing a sound capacity growth plan and delivering results.

Join us to learn the methods that guarantee your organizational success.

Receive the contact information for all the millionaire donors who make big gifts in your community

Major Gifts Ramp-Up is a 2-Day Financial Capacity-Building Conference that will challenge everything you believe about the raising of money.

National Development Institute is all about building nonprofit capacity! One of the distinct advantages you enjoy as a 501(c)3 organization is your ability to receive financial funding from donors, corporations & foundations who already care about the population you serve. Your mission is important and there are hundreds of thousands of philanthropic dollars available to underwrite the good work you and your team do every day. That’s why you’ll want to REGISTER NOW for an upcoming MAJOR GIFTS RAMP-UP EVENT

Big ideas we’ll cover during your 2-Day conference!

  • RE-IMAGINING PHILANTHROPY There are no rules here! We’re trying to accomplish something
  • FEASIBILITY STUDIES DON'T WORK Feasibility Studies are a consulting racket. Stop paying into the scam.
  • OVERHEAD, ALLOCATION & CASE FOR SUPPORT Nonprofits don’t spend enough money on overhead and suffer because of it
  • BOARDS, BOARDS, BOARDS – NEW ROLES THAT WORK There is one thing all boards have in common…they do not function
  • STOP REQUIRING YOUR BOARD TO FUND RAISE Its' never worked. It never will. Learn a new way to receive big gifts
  • GREAT LEADERS AREN’T MANAGED BY COMMITTEE Make your Executive Director the Board Chair (It’s OK…she already is!)
  • MAJOR GIFTS RAMP-UP MODEL Donors are more important than clients, causes or people
  • SOLICITING & THE MAJOR GIFTS RAMP-UP MODEL How to properly invite donors to invest in capacity-building
  • CASE...IT’S THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS Money chases after great dreams and sound plans
  • INSTITUTIONAL CASE vs. PROJECT CASE It’s less about who you are…it’s more about…what you’re going to do
  • THE REAL REASONS DONORS GIVE Donor Motivation Matrix (LaRose) vs. Reasons Donors Give (Panas)
  • THE THREE-PART ASK…RECEIVING THREE GIFTS AT ONCE Annual Fund, One-Time Projects & Endowment

Who should attend?

Nonprofit Executives, Board Members, Development Officers, Pastors, Trustees, Volunteers, Special Event Coordinators, Marketing Directors and PR Staff, who want to increase their knowledge and skills in the areas of nonprofit advancement, fundraising, and development.

What will happen?

Discover why feasibility studies don't work and why consultants still insist on selling them -Stop requiring your board members to fund's never worked and never will -Help major donors accomplish their personal goals by partnering with your nonprofit -Access the public net worth information of millionaire within your service area -Learn how to secure the full contact info of every donor who lives in your community -Comprehend the thirteen steps needed to revitalize a stalled campaign -Find out how to secure campaign cabinet members who love to ask for the big gift -Discover the secret of the "Three-Part Ask" and how to use it with propriety and grace -Learn the five keys to securing major gifts from foundations & corporations -Begin securing five, six and seven figure gifts from high net worth donors -Receive a workbook full of major gift strategies that work -Secure 10hrs of Adult Continuing Education Units for CNC (Certified Nonprofit Consultant)

MAJOR GIFTS RAMP-UP is different than any other fundraising model you’ve ever experienced. Bring your entire team! Spend time with the fundraising veterans who’ve raised millions. MGRU's world renowned faculty will entertain and inspire your leadership to build financial capacity in ways you’ve never dreamed possible.

These events will ensure you RE-IMAGINE PHILANTHROPY in a way that transforms both you and the organization you serve. Tuition for a conference of this magnitude would normally run upwards of $800 per person. National Development Institute understands that budgets are tight and are making this two-day offering available for only $248 for one person or $498 for UNLIMITED REGISTRATIONS for every member of your team. Seating for this event is limited and will reach capacity shortly. PLEASE REGISTER TODAY!


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